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The New Kin Community

This is a community inspired by the yahoo group, NewKin. It is an OtherKin list, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, OtherKin are people who believe for any reason that they are not "normal" humans. Some believe they are of another race, some from other worlds. Any and all races/species are welcome to this community: dragon, elf, nymph, satyr, dwarf, gnome, angel, demon, gryphon, sidhe, faerie, fae, merfolk, hobbit, therianthrope, vampire, furry, human, etc.
As the name implies this is a community for those who are new to all things OtherKin. There are no stupid questions and nothing asked to often. This is a palce for all OtherKin to come together and help each other come to a better understanding of who and what we are, as well as deal with problems/questions/concerns that may come up in one's awakening.


  • Keep an openmind
  • Be friendly
  • Share your thoughts and questions
  • Have intelligent, respectful debates/conversations

Do not's:

  • Be Disrepectful
  • Flame, judge, be cruel, or harrass others
  • Post quiz results, surveys, what you ate for breakfast - thats for your personal journal
  • Ask for Invite Codes - there are other communities designed for that purpose


This community is moderated by banzooken and mors_axuris. Any questions, problems, suggestions should be emailed to us, and one of the moderators will get to you as soon as possible.