lady of the waters (mirquenie) wrote in newkin,
lady of the waters

the new girl

When I see myself, I see light. Just a white outline, black-shadowed, winged, glowing like a pale sun. I don't know what to call this. I don't know if there is a name.

I've always been able to heal. From a very early age, my family and friends have told me that I have a "magic touch" -- when I touch them, their pain goes away. Lately, I've learned that I can channel energy from the (All/Goddess/God/Cosmos/Whatever You Want To Call It). That's when I ignite, and become Light. And that's when I heal best.

I heal myself very easily -- I rarely get sick, and when I do come down with something, I can usually will it away within 24 hours. If I focus on a bruise or another minor physical hurt, it disappears inside of a few hours. I can also heal others, if I really put my mind to it, but it's harder to do that. Some people resist. And some things are just too big for me.

I'm intensely sensitive. I can't stand the sight of cruelty or violence -- not towards me, and not towards anyone. It's physically painful.

My emotions are oversized, much deeper and longer-lasting than those of most people. (In my experience, anyway.)

I'm very light-sensitive. I need lots of light -- preferably sunlight -- or I get melancholy and listless.

I've always felt the most peaceful when I'm near water, in any form -- ice, snow, rain, lakes, oceans. It's a deep, elemental connection. And it's most intense when I'm attuned to my Kin aspect.

I feel really drawn to Elves. When I watched the "Lord of the Rings," they made sense to me -- old, attuned to the World, passionate, and absolutely in love with light. But I also feel that I'm a healer, a channeler of (Divine/Cosmic/Magical) energies, and so I'm drawn to the Angelics and Celestials as well. I feel like an Elf (Sea-Elf, most likely) who heals, and who becomes an intense concentration of Celestial energy when she's in the act of healing.

When I found this board, I thought it would be a good place to learn, and grow. So. Here I am. And my question is:

Does any of this make sense?
Am I nuts?
Has anyone ever felt like this before?
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It makes perfect sense. *Smile* And, if you're nuts, it's no more so than the rest of us. And as for someone else who's felt the same... There's me, and there's many more of us. (Although, as time's gone on, I've felt less and less connection to Elves and more and more to the Celestial side of things.)

Mayhaps you were an Elven Priest[ess] in a past life? This would account quite well for the connection to the Divine and for the Elven-ness. Most Priests are skilled in Healing, and Elven ones more than most, or so I seem to remember.

At any rate, welcome to the 'Kin. May your path always be bright. *Smile*
Thanks so much for your support... the "elven priestess" idea really makes sense. It just *felt* right when I read it. So I think you may have helped me out a whole lot.
*SMILE* I'm very glad I was able to assist! *beams*
1.) Makes perfect sense to me! I, like you, feel an elemental connection to water. I LOVE snow, and swimming. I enjoy other elements, too, however. I also have been told that I have a "magic touch" by many people I know. And one of my 'kin's forms is like light blue/bright white light, although it has the shape of an anthro-wolf in long, flowing clothes. Hence...

2.) If you're crazy, so am I! =p


3.) As stated in #1, yes, I have felt like that before. Recently, I've also felt drawn to elves. And although watching the "Lord of the Rings" did sorta affect my views on elves, I've always felt sorta like one, somehow. ^_^

~*~Lone Wolf~*~