lady of the waters (mirquenie) wrote in newkin,
lady of the waters

the new girl

When I see myself, I see light. Just a white outline, black-shadowed, winged, glowing like a pale sun. I don't know what to call this. I don't know if there is a name.

I've always been able to heal. From a very early age, my family and friends have told me that I have a "magic touch" -- when I touch them, their pain goes away. Lately, I've learned that I can channel energy from the (All/Goddess/God/Cosmos/Whatever You Want To Call It). That's when I ignite, and become Light. And that's when I heal best.

I heal myself very easily -- I rarely get sick, and when I do come down with something, I can usually will it away within 24 hours. If I focus on a bruise or another minor physical hurt, it disappears inside of a few hours. I can also heal others, if I really put my mind to it, but it's harder to do that. Some people resist. And some things are just too big for me.

I'm intensely sensitive. I can't stand the sight of cruelty or violence -- not towards me, and not towards anyone. It's physically painful.

My emotions are oversized, much deeper and longer-lasting than those of most people. (In my experience, anyway.)

I'm very light-sensitive. I need lots of light -- preferably sunlight -- or I get melancholy and listless.

I've always felt the most peaceful when I'm near water, in any form -- ice, snow, rain, lakes, oceans. It's a deep, elemental connection. And it's most intense when I'm attuned to my Kin aspect.

I feel really drawn to Elves. When I watched the "Lord of the Rings," they made sense to me -- old, attuned to the World, passionate, and absolutely in love with light. But I also feel that I'm a healer, a channeler of (Divine/Cosmic/Magical) energies, and so I'm drawn to the Angelics and Celestials as well. I feel like an Elf (Sea-Elf, most likely) who heals, and who becomes an intense concentration of Celestial energy when she's in the act of healing.

When I found this board, I thought it would be a good place to learn, and grow. So. Here I am. And my question is:

Does any of this make sense?
Am I nuts?
Has anyone ever felt like this before?
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