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Rejected yet again. Hurt, but life goes on.

Is anyone else feeling out of place?

I don't mean in just everyday human society, but I mean among the otherkin groups as well.

I'd really like a discussion on this, so please don't ban me if I say anything too controversial (I've had enough of that today, thanks).

Are there any other otherkin out there who, like myself, are incredibly grounded in this reality, yet still know that they are different? I can't really get into astrael projection, magic, or other things like that, and my dreams say nothing about my previous lives, as far as I can figure out. I'm quite accepting of these things, but I just can't get into them. However, I'm very concerned with other things going on in this realm, and try to incorporate the knowledge of my own differences with the world I interact with.

Does anyone else have this dilemma of not being able to find a place anywhere?</>. Most otherkin that I know online are far too concerned with other planes and their own pasts to really consider the modern world, its effects on our kind, and how we can affect it in turn. I've only met one otherkin in real life (the elf I'm engaged to) who holds a particular interest in politics, government, and the rapid changes taking place in the everyday world. I've also met a few kindred spirits, who are most likely "unawakened" kin themselves, but they too hold a certain amount of skepticism with "floofy stuff," at the same time keep an interest in it and appreciate it, however limited.

I've even created a community for those of us straddling the center of everything (copoh-Conservative Otherkin for the Protection of Oscilatory Humans), but I'm wondering if we're really that uncommon. Please tell me if I'm alone.
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I've always felt out of place most every where. I try not to let it bother me. I've found some places where I feel more "right" then others, but still nothing has every felt like I really belonged... While I personally have little interest in politics or government, I have met Otherkin who are. If I come across them again, I'll point them in your direction.
Wow, thanks. <^^>
I am always much the same not matter where I go. I've only had two visions, know who I am, but not much else. NMost things people have or so, or do I cannot do any of. So you are not alone. *Hugs* If it helps, the closest place I found is at their ezboard. Not all are otherkin, but a good some.
You're not alone. I'm unsure of my past, myself. I try to think about what I can do in the modern world, and although I'm more against than for political people of today, I enjoy following the latest news of everything that's happened. Humans are fascinating creatures, I'll give them that. ^_^ I can't say, though, that I find anything more fascinating to me than history. Human history, or the history of the Earth. I think this has something to do with my Kin's past lives. It is because of my love for human history than I enjoy studying the modern world so much, though.

As for being otherkin, I agree. Most are too wrapped up in getting answers for themselves instead of helping others. I'd love to help others in anyway that I can, although I've only been Awake for about 5-6 months. I'm doing a LOT of searching in yahoo groups, but no one responds except to say hi and say that they can't help me. I don't blame them. If it was so easy, I could probably do it myself. In anycase, if you'd like to talk more sometime, just IM me on MSN or AIM at =)

~Lone Wolf.
Just about everything mentioned in this article struck a tone with me. Otherkin with no real strength in magik, astral projection, psionics, or the like, just knowing they're different....

Yeah, I'd be interested in a group like that. But politics? I've become so jaded by politics in the last approx. 3 years, I can't stomach a conversation on the subject. Especially if "he" is in the subject. Yeah, I'm one of the many who feel like I was robbed of my vote and am now disallusioned that the voice of the people actualy matter.

Yes, I like to make a difference in my community if I could, but I have no grand allusion that my opinion means anything in politics today. My money perhaps - people are bought and sold like cattle in the open market when it comes to politics - but never my opinions.