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childhood memories

I was thinking back over some childhood memories I had when I was very young... probably around 5 or 6. I remember standing in my bedroom with my parents, and looking at them and thinking, "These are my parents? How did I get here?" and feeling completely bewildered by the fact that I was living under the same roof with these people. I also never really felt like a child-- I always felt so much older than the other kids, and different from them in many ways.

I also remember, when I was first learning to read, thinking about how strange words and language were. Something about words didn't make sense to me, and I couldn't quite understand why people would use these strange things for communication. To this day, I often think in a way that does not involve words-- more of a feeling, or an instinct, but something that does not translate to human language.

And I remember many times thinking, "I want to go home," even when I was at home. Not really knowing what I meant by that, just feeling like I wasn't truly at home, that home was a place far more comfortable and natural-feeling.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Has anyone else had interesting childhood memories that seem "different" somehow?
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