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Love and Light

I just joined this community about hmmm...five minutes ago, not even that.

I guess I first discovered I was angel-kin by plain well chance. I was bored so I decided to look up angels as an interest and by chance happened to come across once_winged. I admit it, I was instantly drawn in and soon enough a lot of weirdness in my life started to actually make sense. Empathy, a sense of never-belonging, feelings as if something was missing and I was here for the reason, the usual as I've been discovered from around the net I had them all. It's a very emotional time I believe when you first discover your otherkin, angel-kin etc. but finally I feel a lot of stuff in my life makes sense.

I'm still trying to discover more about angel-kin, who I was, why excatly I left the divine Goddess/Light. I can remember crying so hard, hurting because so many humans hurt and it seemed so useless to watch life after life die and be reborn only to die and hurt and ache over and over. I think that's why I left. I didn't understand it, it hurt and confused me and maybe I began to hate "her" for doing this to the creatures she'd created. I rejected her and left and fell...I guess. I reincarnated into a human so I could help humans and not be bound by the rules and laws of the divine light. I guess I still feel a hatred in my heart towards The Mother. I don't understand it, why it has to be so hard. I understand that to evolve, to better yourself you must pass through pain and suffering to really appreciate the good in life but it stills seems..cold.

I guess you could call me a fallen angel of sorts, I serve no one but myself and hope to help humanity and to make the world a better place.

Does anyone else have similar stories or have heard of anything like this before?

Blessed be

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