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Hi and stuff. Forgot to introduce myself :}.

I'm a 17-year-old Christian Otherkin shapeshifter. I do arts and play violin and love Latin and stuff like that.

um...don't know what else to say :}. If you ever want to chat, my email and im's are in my profile.
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Do you have any problems reconciling your Christianity with your Otherkinism?
For the longest time, I denied my Otherkin self under the pretext that there was no way it could go with Christianity. But now that I've discovered more about myself, no, I don't have any problems at all with it. I do not consider my other forms to be separate 'spirits' or whatever that are residing withing me.
Was that the only way it twitched your Christianity? Most "Christians" would have a lot of trouble with anything that smacked of magic of any sort. A holdover from the OT.

Modern liberal Christianity would probably include Otherkin in the fold, but they disregard so much of what so many consider fundamentals of the faith anyway...

What branch of Christianity are you part of? What type of Otherkin are you? What place(s) do your Otherkin parts take in the Christian passion? How does your shapeshifting work?

I'm full of questions. Sorry.
Yeah, I was having trouble because so many 'kin say they've had past lives, something I don't belive in.

I'm a United Methodist...but often people think I'm Catholic XD. I've had about three people ask me if I'm Jewish, for reasons I still don't know o_O. I'm a shapeshifter 'kin; I don't have one 'dominant' form, but I tend to shift/slide between them.

I just feel that God made me with...something different inside. And for a reason. I feel I'm Otherkin for a reason. Like...it puts me in a place where I can do a lot. Or something. I'm still figuring that out :}.

Okay...I myself am sitll trying ot figure out how my shapeshifting works XD. Like...I have seven distinct forms. Dragon, griffin, dinosaur, spiritual...thing, cheetah, wolf, and horse. Usually I tend to slide between the spiritual beastie (which is a whole different discussion altogether), the griffin, and the horse. Today, though, I've felt...canine-ish. I don't really have any control over what form surfaces when. Sometimes they even overlap, as my horse and cheetah often do.

Each form is...it's like looking at me reflected in a different mirror. They're each me. But...in the world of their own 'mirror', if that makes any sense. They are not separate spirits, as I mentioned before...just...me.
But God didn't create you, he created Adam and Eve. And then the serpent tempted them to fall and they were expelled from the garden and that's where we got Vampires from (Cainites).

If God created you now, you'd be a miracle, a messiah, like Jesus. Are you supposed to teach us about our Otherselves like Jesus taught us about Love? That would be awesome, but it would be a big burden.

Maybe you should think about taking speech and drama because you might need to preach one day!
vampires=Cainites? oh I've never heard that one :} I'll have to look into it.

I feel God had a plan for everyone waaaaaay back when, but then it is put together the day each of us is born. eh...this is arather complicated thought thing you're going into here lol. So...um...yes, God created me :}. And we're all miracles. Imagine how much could have gone wrong during the time you were in your mother's womb, and yet, here you are. *nods*

I am no Messiah, no. And yeah, teaching others about Otherselves would be a huge burden. I don't think that's what I'm supposed to do, but you never know *shrug*.

Heh I did take acting for quite a long time, and some speech classes, but I don't think I could go into preaching ^^;. I'm heading into paleontology and stuff yay! :D
I've never been able to accept the idea that God causes everything to happen a certain way. If that is true then we lose free will and we have to accept a sadist who causes birth defects and terrorism and bad ahir days.

What are your thoughts on so many of the Otherkin who claim angel or demon Otherselves?
Oh, I don't believe God causes everything to happen. I believe He has destinies for us, but it is up to us to get there. And He will still do great things even if you deviate from His plan, but it will not be as great as if you had followed His plan to begin with.

Actually...My spiritual-being form is a half-demon, half-human that I label as a 'nephilim' for lack of better terms (for the same reason I call her a half-demon: I can't find a better term for a dragon-like spiritual being). She is a spiritual being very closely connected to God. I am not claiming to actually be a demon, nor am I claiming to be one of God's angels. This is simply my spiritual side, or 'mirror'.

Now...I do take issue with people who claim to be actual angels. Half-angels, I can understand better, but...I dunno. I have an issue with 'angels'. Demons, I take issue with as well. I feel (and this is just my personal opinion) that a true demon keeps itself hidden, and takes over people while trying to make the person (and everyone around) that it isn't a demon. I feel that they don't go around announcing themselves...because to me, that's not the way eivl works.
Now, I can understand if someone has a form that's some wierd beastie that they can't label, and they feel aligned to darkness or evil. I can understand calling that a 'demon'. That's the same reason I call my nephilim-self a nephilim: she is half human and aligned with God.
I don't understand how you can say that God created you (think of how many things could go wrong...), but that he doesn't cause everything to happen. Are you being vague to tease me?

Genesis is pretty explicit though, and the Flood was to destroy the nephilim and the wicked men they were breeding with. Are you sure your spiritual form isn't a fallen angel?
I didn't think I was being vague, and I'm certainly not trying to tease anyone.
Yes, God creates everything, but He doesn't cause everything to happen. He gave us free will. He /wants/ us to do certain things, but He won't make us do it. He gave us free will, and He's not just going to revoke it just like that.

I call her a nephilim because, to my knowledge, nephilim were half angel, half human (at least in some belief circles). I couldn't find something that meant 'half demon, half human', so I just call her a nephilim. I /am NOT/ saying that I AM a nephilim, I simply use that word to help people understand, to give myself something to call that side of myself.

She is not a fallen angel.
I guess I'm just dumb. Sorry. Of course God creates everything--he's God, right? And we have destinies and stuff and we we don't have to do what we're fated to do. I'm just a little thik today. ;)

What circles say the nephilim were the offspring of angels and men? In Genesis and Numbers the nephilim are square against God (it calls their offspring giants and sons of Anak and men of reknown). They weren't supposed to mate with the women, but they did, and gave birth to giants. There's another book, a lost book, called Enoch that says the Grigori (the names of the nephilim's children) are chained in chains of darkneass (this is also in 2nd Peter and Jude).

I'm sorry if I upset you, but I was just worried when you said what you said. I don't want to associate with spirits and I was a little afraid. If you're not a fallen angel I believe you! X)
I can't remember who calls nephilim half-angels. I do remember that they kinda said that the nephilim were angels were weren't always...completely good, but not necessarily fallen angels. eh...I found it a long time ago ^^;.

No, no, I'm not upset :}. Trust me, I don't want to associate with spirits either :D.
You've got it a bit backwards. The Watchers are the ones who were angels assigned to watch over mankind, and sinned by taking human wives. The Nephilim, their children, were half-angel, half-human.
yeah that's what I've gathered.
This might be where you heard that rumor from. I wouldn't trust it, though, because it links to Tarot cards and other things Christians are supposed to avoid.

I think I'll trust the Bible and forget about pagan websites that want to confuse Christians.

But I understand if you want to use the n-word to describe yourself. It scared me, like I said, and once I thought you were alright I wanted to make sure you knew you calling yourself a fallen angel.
This is the first I've heard of this. It's not what the Bible itself says for sure!

I found this which might clear it up for you. The Strong's Dictionary even says that "nephel" means "to fall." I don't think God would name someone that because of how they were born--that would be racist!
I don't know if you even looked at that site before linking it, but in the fourth paragraph it says "The root of Nephilim is nephel which means: "untimely birth, abortion, miscarriage"."

In other words, no, sorry, try again.

(The bible only mentions them in passion, that's what the Book of Enoch is for.)
Read the definition and you will understand the misconception. The word means "fallen" or "failed" and of course a miscarriage is a failed pregnancy.

You are really trying to confuse the issue and your rudeness is not appreciated. It wouldn't surprise me if you were being blinded by a spirit--maybe even one of the nephilim.
Don't insult me. You linked to a site and said something different than what was said on that site. I called you on it. I'm not being "blinded" by anything. (In fact, considering you've linked my site in your journal, you ought to know exactly what I am.)
Exactly how I insulted you I am not sure, but I am sure that you are mistaken about the nature of the nephilim. Having looked at your background I thought you'd be intelligent and open-minded enough to read and find out for yourself. I'm cursed to be an optimist. ;)

Let me bring the two links together so that it's clearer (I was posting from a UNIX shell account earlier and the cut-and-paste was difficult).

Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary:
  • 5307 naphal (naw-fal') a primitive root; to fall, in a great variety of applications (intransitive or causative, literal or figurative):--be accepted, cast (down, self, (lots), out), cease, die, divide (by lot), (let) fail, (cause to, let, make, ready to) fall (away, down, -en, -ing), fell(-ing), fugitive, have (inheritance), inferior, be judged (by mistake for 'palal' (6419)), lay (along), (cause to) lie down, light (down), be (X hast) lost, lying, overthrow, overwhelm, perish, present(-ed, -ing), (make to) rot, slay, smite out, X surely, throw down.
  • 5308 nphal (nef-al') (Aramaic) corresponding to 'naphal' (5307):--fall (down), have occasion.
  • 5309 nephel (neh'-fel)or nephel {nay'-fel}; from 'naphal' (5307); something fallen, i.e. an abortion:--untimely birth.
Now you'll notice that those three words would be pronounced almost exactly alike to an English-speaking person. Also, if you follow the concordance links to see what words are used where in the original text of the Bible, you'll find that 5309 (your choice of meaning) is used only in Job, Psalms and Ecclesiastes and does, indeed, read as "birth." The word used in Genesis 6 is 5307 and explicitly means "fallen."

Now, going back to my first link, assuming you read it, you'll see that the website author added the explanatory paragraph you quoted, "The root of Nephilim is nephel which means: 'untimely birth, abortion, miscarriage'." That is literally and factually true. But if you read the rest of the resources on that page
"The Hebrew word for giants (nephilum) literally means the fallen-down-ones because these tall celestial beings fell from the sky. Their half-breed progeny and their descendants are often mentioned in the early books of the Old Testament until the last of them were finally killed off. They were known as the Rephaim [Hebrew for 'phantoms'], Emim, Anakim, Horim, Avim, and Zamzummim. Some scholars speculate that this tradition of giants born from the union of gods and humans formed the basis for the demigod of Greek mythology."
   - Raymond E. Fowler, The Watchers

"Those giants...are termed n'philim (lit. 'those who have fallen' or 'perished'). A similar tradition mentions such a race of primordial giants in the Rephaim."
   - John Gray, Near Eastern Mythology

"The Nefilim ('Fallen Ones') bore many other tribal names, such as Emim ('Terrors'), Repha'im ('Weakeners'), Gibborim ('Giant Heroes'), Zamzummim ('Achievers'), Anakim ('Long-necked' or 'Wearers of Necklaces'), Awwim ('Devastators' or 'Serpents'). One of the Nefilim named Arba is said to have built the city of Hebron, called 'Kiriath-Arba' after him, and become the father of Anak whose three sons, Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai, were later expelled by Joshua's comrade Caleb. Since, however, arba means 'four' in Hebrew, Kiriath-Arba may have originally have meant 'City of Four,' a reference to its four quarters mythically connected with the Anakite clans: Anak himself and his 'sons' Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai."
    - Robert Graves and Raphael Patai, Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis
You are quite correct in calling me out for my transliteration of the Hebrew into English if you choose to do so. I was not definite enough in my reply to you. FWIW, nephel is also Greek for "cloud."

You are quite wrong in your characterization of the nephilim.



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I meant to ask why you don't believe in past lives when so many of the Otherkin do. Does that certainty come from Christianity? I know I've always heard it preached that we only live one life, but I've never read very much about it being so in the Bible.
Partially from Christianity, yes, and partially from just my own personal beliefs that we have one shot at life. :}
Coolness! I can respect standing by your beliefs.

Have you ever looked into some of the stories about, say, the Dalai Lama? Or about kids with "old souls" who could tell stories about "When I was an old man...?"

It's pretty fascinating. I myself don't believe in reincarnation, but I did tell those stories before I was school age. I could tell people what I was wearing, what I looked like, what type of car I drove, etc. All before I was five. If it wasn't reincarnation it was something.

Maybe I'm Otherkin and my Other is human! X}
*shrug* Well, I just saw a news story today about a girl in Russia who might actually have x-ray vision, so who knows what's possible?

"Maybe I'm Otherkin and my Other is human! X}"
lol! Well, seeing as how my 'nephilim' form is half-human, I don't see why a human Other would be impossible :}.
I actually did some work with a fellow in a shamanic tradition once and he kept swearing that my totem animal had to be human.

I never gave it much thought, but I am a "fan of man," as the Devil's Advocate says. My faith is that we have in us all that is needed to aspire to grace and we must do so or die trying. We will never reach grace (that's what God's dispensation is for), but we must make the honest attempt or be judged unworthy in the end.